by Lynn Kim Do

25 Things You Must Know About Barbados

1. They invented twerking here.  It’s called "the walk up" 
2. Cou cou is their official national dish.  
3. Mac Pie is their unofficial national dish and a must try. (Also try their Fried fish and pretty much any fish fishes.) 
4. Don't bother getting a currency exchange. They actually prefer American bills. The currency exchange is about 2 Barbados dollars per 1 American dollar, so it’s almost dumb-proof but may not be drunk-proof.  
5. Tipping is expected from Americans. I suggest 15-20% at restaurants, $1 American dollar per drink at a bar, $5-10 American dollars per person for tour guides, and not absolutely necessary for taxis 
6. Taxis are very safe. Always ask the price (open to negotiation by 5-10 Barbados dollars), although they are quite fair and honest. 
7.  Don't wear camo. Camo is illegal for civilians to wear. (But camo bikinis are forgivable apparently...) 
8. Reggae rules this island. 
9. Oistins is BOMB on Friday's. But quiet all other days. Order the Dolphin - Mahi Mahi at Pat's. 
10. They did not kill slipper.  Dolphin - Mahi Mahi is not really dolphin.  
11. Harrison Cave is the 8th world wonder.  I encourage taking the time to go.  
12. Monkeys at the Wild Reserve are selfish little things (and worth going to see along with turtles, deer, rabbits, and more.) 
13. They export all their sugar to Europe. Like all. They import inferior sugar to use themselves. (And this makes sense...) 
14. Mount Gay rum is made here. And yes, I drank an obscene amount of Rum Punch. 
15. But I drank more Banks beer than I could actually withstand. And I can keep going tbh 
16. The food here is expensive AF! Competitively and probably more pricier than NYC. But their drinks are pennies. Balance 
17. They walk on the left here. And drive.  
18. Demographic: 60% Sassy Bajuns, 20% retirees, 10% post-brexits citizens, 5% Canadians, and 5% everyone else 
19. They have Chattle Homes and Chattle Villages, which are pretty cool because they were built and created to easily transport. I guess they were the small homes before small homes. (Backstory: Chattle Homes were necessary when slaves had to move from one plantation to the next, so they needed something easily to transport and collapsible.) 
20. Top three beach: Dover, Carlisle beach, Accra beach. (Bonus: Bathsheba for surfing only) 
21. Barbados is the only island on the Caribbean created by 2 tectonic plates colliding and has zero volcanoes. 
22. They're also very religious which means Sunday's will not be lit. 
23.  Their hot sauce is the best. Period. I almost smuggled it home. And no, it’s not red. It’s yellow.  
24.  Saint Lawrence Gap is the spot that will make anyone—your grandma, your bougie friend, your cheap cousin, your hard-to-please boyfriend—happy, no matter their definition of the perfect evening. From live music, 90s music, and reggae to fancy restaurants and chill spots. 
25. The people of Barbados are named Bajun. (Not barbadians—in fact, that’s not a word)
Visuals by Momma-Do & I