by Lynn Kim Do

Late Afternoon Lattes

If morning coffees are a necessity, late afternoon lattes are just desperate tears of sanity. I'm sure I just stirred up a mix reaction with that last sentence. Some are like "Bitch, you need help," which I wouldn't complete argue against. While others had just read it over and didn't even flinch. Because to them, like me, we understand the very natural New York order of things. Shit, we've been through it together. (Whether we were actually together or metaphorically in this shithole together) The over twelve hour days in the office when I can no longer put propers words together to form real sentences. And the color swatches all begin to look alike. And all of a sudden, the way my coworker's nasally exhales begins to annoy the crap out of me, which it never had in the last 8 months we worked working together. When I am two threads away from breaking sanity, being held together by cold burritos and stale coffee beans. When alcohol felt like my friend the night before but then it stabs me in the back the next morning, and then again at 2pm, and then 6pm. And let's not talk about the late late night Redbulls. Fuck.

I repeat, "I don't have a problem."

Visuals by Amina