by Lynn Kim Do

My Kind Of Rain

Have you ever felt like there’s a thunderstorm right inside your chest? Not the violent kind. It’s the one you can’t decide if you despise it or if you love it. Or maybe, you don’t have any straightforward feelings towards it. You just feel it.

It’s pouring. The kind of rain you have to turn the windshield wipers on for. The kind you’ll need more than a cap and a hoodie to escape. The kind of rain that I just can’t stop staring at. The kind of rain you get caught in. And when it catches you, you find yourself utterly alone in the middle of a Brooklyn street. Or on the driveway, just right after you get out of the car with ten bags of groceries in your hand. Or underneath a hundred trees. And you can feel the rain rhythmatically on your face, your scalp, you palm. It’s not too hot. Not too cold. And you just stand there. And you remember that this is going to suck later. But it’s great at the same time. It’s great right now.

Visuals by Amina
Denim Dress - Farrow
Denim - DIY