by Lynn Kim Do

Happiness, the 2nd class citizens

Why is it easier for people to share sad news than good news. To express sadness or anger or even a "bad day" than happy days. Why is it so difficult to say, "Yeah, I am really happy." Even when you do say it, what does the recipient say back? "Oh, that's awesome." The end. But if you say, "Ugh, I'm so miserable" then they're curious, right. They go "Oh why??" or "Shit, what happened?" Happiness doesn't get the same treatment. It's like most people don't give a shit if you're happy. They want to know how, why, what it is that make you sad or mad or anxious or whatever. Because they also feel that way. People want to feel like loneliness or misery do indeed have grand company. It's like happiness is second class citizens of emotions.

- second class

Visuals by Pedro Morales