by Lynn Kim Do


Maybe it’s the holidays that remind you to be appreciative. Or maybe the feeling surfaces when you watching spoiled kids complain about not having enough candy in their eggs. Or maybe it’s Kendrick flows on the woes of staying humble. Real fears, he said. Real millennial problems, I said.

This past weekend, my friends and I sat around the patio table and talked about what we grew up eating. I grew up on bowls of white rice with a heavy pour of soy sauce. My friends shared their childhood meals—ketchup sandwiches, peanut butter and ketchup sandwiches, and sugar packets…by itself. My friends and I aren’t rich by any means right now. But I can confidently confide that we came a long way. We each had an entire past one another will never fully understand. But here we are, sitting around a table drinking Coronas and eating ravioli all collectively making fun of this 11 year old boy who has an oversized and rudely rubbed ego. He will definitely learn shit the hard way. We all do.

In creative industries, humbleness disappears as quickly as their appetite (or lack of) for cup noodles and syrup sandwiches. The real practice of humbleness then requires work, right? To stay humble, I mean. IMO, we try to stay humble because we don’t want to forget where we came from. To not be the person we grew up enviously hating. Swearing that we will NEVER ever be that. At least that’s what I felt. And I still do.

Visuals by Pedro Morales

Cropped Sweater (Self-cut) - Tobi