by Lynn Kim Do

I did Yogaworks for a month

There are too many days where I need to just switch things up a bit in my fitness and wellness lyfe. When going to the gym and lifting weights or running becomes a bit redundant. When I can’t possibly think of a workout. Nor motivate myself to do the workout. I’ve literally walked out of the gym mid-workout once. I just couldn’t do it.

This is where classes come in. The hardest part is getting there. Then you have someone just telling you exactly what to do. God, that is the nicest thing. I spend 8 hours telling people what to do or planning what I have to do. It can be very liberating to not have to think once in awhile. I’ve been practicing yoga for years. And no, I cannot do any crazy headstands or binds but it has always been a source of groundedness I craved in this hectic city.  I recently tried Yogaworks for a month. A whole month. Now that’s a commitment! But unlike other studios I’ve been to, Yogaworks Soho really stands out amongst the plethora of others in Manhattan. The moment you walk in, you don’t get this vibe that you’re walking into an underground cult. Phew. The one thing I really appreciate about Yogaworks is their instructor. Each instructor is highly knowledgeable and passionate about their practice  And they have classes beyond yoga, like their 6:30pm Pilates class that really focuses on the one area I never work on (abs) and the one area I love to work on (butt). It’s the perfect degree of challenge yet you never feel like you’re there for way too long either. Those two perfect combos actually translate to all their other classes as well. They have Barre, Sculptwork, and, of course, yoga—Vinyasa, Yogaworks, Heated Yoga, and Restorative. I also enjoy how big this studio is without losing that feeling of intimacy and connection. There are two floors, three studios, and self-locking storage areas. They even have tea and water available for you. I’m a sucker for the little details and Yogaworks delivered on that. After a month, I can feel my body thanking me. I feel more flexible. I feel like I also know my body more. And I'm absolutely more hydrated from all the free tea I drank.

Visuals by Karina Munoz