by Lynn Kim Do

Swipe & Go | Eye Makeup

Okay, so I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I can do all that makeup shit nor can I give you the 411 on all the beauty vernaculars. I don’t spend more than 15 minutes on my makeup routine and when I’m running late, I got 5 minutes for it. And zero for my hair. But what I can tell you (and show you) are things that works for me. On what basis? Well, hours on hours, years on years of finding things out the hard way.

My favorite eye makeup trend right now is the one shadow lid. Let me give you a few reasons why this eye look works for me.
1. It literally takes 2 minutes to achieve. 
How: 30 seconds dedicated to each side and just layer layer layer. Smudge it as you get closer to your brows. Add highlighter to your inner eyes and below your brows. Oh, and add mascara to your lashes like you mean it!
2. I can never do a smoky eye anyway. Somehow learning to do a slutty smoky eye in high school meant your were also a grown ass woman. I just fail miserably at it. And I probably also never grew up. 
3. It’s amazing for Asian lids. Because you don’t have to worry about your nonexistent lids. I wish I knew this sooner because I literally avoided eyeshadow for 24 years. 
4. You’ll be called edgy. Somehow wearing crazy colors on your eyes (I mean, does rustic red even constitute as a “crazy” color?) pins you in the “Woah, she’s edgy” bucket. I’ll take it. 
5. You don’t have to really try too hard everywhere else. I wore this beauty look with ripped jeans and a black tee. I kept my lips bare besides a swipe of Aquaphor for hydration since my lips take up most of my face. This eye look is bold on it’s own. Honestly, it’s all the effort you need for the entire day. Go get yourself a drank.

For this look, I used the Criss Cross($5) : matte brick orange from ColourPop’s “Lo-Key” Pressed Powder Shadow Palette ($18) from the lid and the Take It Slow($5) : metallic warm champagne from the same palette for the inner corners and under the brow. I love this entire palette and actually use every single color...rare moment for me. I like to keep my face dewy and natural lately so I use Maybelline's Dream Cushion foundation. It goes on like a dream. And highlight....duh (Maybelline Master Strobing Stick).

Visuals by Thaya 
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Thank you Maybelline for partnering with me on this.