by Lynn Kim Do

8 Reasons Why I Chose citizenM Amsterdam

Sleep is my utmost favorite thing in the entire world. More than food. People who have issues sleeping, well, that’s not me. That’s anything but me. So when deciding where I’m going to be laying my precious head the moment I step foot into Europe, I can get very particular. Here are 8 reasons why I chose citizenM Amsterdam (and it’s not just the bed!).

1. The Huge XL Bed.
They are not kidding about this bed. It is huge. In fact, it takes up most of the room. My boyfriend is 6'1 and never felt so small in a bed before. It was so nice to be able to rest my body on this large cloud after walking 4-8 miles a day.
2. The Waterfall Shower
Besides the huge bed, the shower is so special, too. It's a waterfall shower. As in it feels like god's rain is hitting your body blessing you with cleanliness. 

3. Light DJ
So my favorite part of my room is probably very impractical. You can control the lights with their iPad. You can change the colors, too!! They also have moods what you can click and viola! You don't even need to decide anything. Just press a button and the lights will change, music will play, and serenade the emotion you're dwelling in at the moment. 

4. The Buffet Breakfast
I usually hate buffet anything. I think it's because my parents LOVED buffets when I was growing up and scarred me for life. But this...this is life changing. Their spread was delicious. It was so fresh. It was everything I wanted to eat and more. For days and months ahead, I will be craving their perfectly scrambled eggs, smokes salmon, and plump tomatoes. 
5. Metrocard
citizenM is a few steps away from the tram. The only problem was that we didn't know how to get on the tram. There were no ticket booths, no information as to where we can get a ticket, nothing. I freaked! Until I read the little citizenM book in my room and it said, "we sell metrocards." Holy shit, thank the baby jesus. I had zero idea on how to get around and it was literally right in my face. Or right under the same roof, actually. LOL
6. citizenM Bikes
And if you don't feel like taking the tram around, they also have bikes! What don't they have??

7. Crafted cocktails
Upon booking your appointment, you get two complimentary drinks at the bar. Amsterdam is known for Heineken and their gin. I recommend choosing one of their specialty gin cocktails. You won't regret it!
8. Unlimited Free Movies
I know what you're thinking, why would movies matter when you're in a different country? I'll tell you why... When you've spent 8 hours walking over 8 miles and you're mind can not possibly absorb any more information, a movie on a giant soft bed can be your savior. It sure saved me.