by Lynn Kim Do

the other side of fear (outfit, the fifth label, fashion bunker, kapten and sons, denim skirt) (outfit, the fifth label, fashion bunker, kapten and sons, denim skirt) (outfit, the fifth label, fashion bunker, kapten and sons, denim skirt)

Fear starts and ends with you. 

Fear can feel like the tiniest of papercuts. Not detrimental, not death-threatening. Yet it takes you in such an acute and definite way. This pain. For a second, you’re sure you’ll bleed out. But you'll be okay. And it hurts that you'll be okay. That you will move on like everyone else moves on. But. It. Will. Be. Okay.

Fear can feel like the spark at the end of a match. Or the feeling you get right before you jump into the sea. Or the moment before you jump off a plane five-thousand feet off the ground as you’re strapped to a tall blonde man and a parachute. Or the moment you take your puppy in your arms knowing it’s yours forever. You can't explain it. It doesn't make sense. But it feels great!

Fear can feel like it evolves like you and I evolve. Just when you're comfortable being single, being alone, fear comes in and sweeps you off your feet. Fear looks at you like no one has ever looked at you before and for once, you think you can give yourself and your heart to someone again. Or it can be the absolute opposite. Fear is sitting on a bed with no one to roll over to on the other side. Fear is starting over. Fear is eating alone. An unfollow, a facebook block, and a deleted contact. A deleted dependency. Fear is being all by yourself even for the sake of yourself.

Fear can feel like the last page of your favorite book. Waiting, probing, anticipating the last word, the last moment, the last of everything. And it will come whether you like it or not. And you will exhale, glad you have taken that journey. Hoping you were still on it. But I'll tell you a secret, you'll pick up another book (and another journey).

Fear isn't bad. It just wants you not to be afraid of it anymore. Happiness is promised on the other side, if you allow yourself not to talk yourself out of it.

- fear

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