by Lynn Kim Do

The Paris Travel Guide

I stalked Paris down months before going, kinda like I would an ex boyfriend. Although this wasn't my first rodeo in this beautiful city, it was my boyfriend's first time which meant I got to do the whole touristy thing again! I'm not too mad about it because sometimes the second time is actually way more special than the first. I knew exactly what I wanted to see and I knew exactly what my boyfriend would enjoy. Like going to your favorite restaurant and bringing your best friend, you just want to explore the whole menu on top of your favorite dishes. Here is a guide I created, with much love, sweat, and dreams, just for you:

Head to Place de Trocadero and catch the Eiffel Tower view
Visit the Grand Palace and take an IG worthy photo at Les Deux Plateaux. Here's mine, if you don't believe me.
Climb Sacré-Cœur Basilica, the highest point of the city
Visit the Arc de Triomphe and walk in the middle of the street to catch a straight on view like all the crazies out here.

Visit the Louvre Museum. You can literally send the whole day there or the whole week. It's closed on Tuesdays. Get tickets in advance!
Then go to the Musée d'Orsay to see art that you've read in high school! Also reserve your tickets so you don't have to wait in the long line.
Have a picnic at the Luxembourg Gardens
Get a painting or your portrait done in Montmartre, then grab some wine!
Shop off the Avenue des Champs-Élysées
Hang out at Canal Saint Martin, a super cute and fun neighborhood.
Catch Le Crazy Horse cabaret show, literally my favorite part of my trip!

Drink & Eat:
Have a Parisian breakfast at Café Popote
Find Le Comptoir Général, a hidden Afrikan bar, and grab a drink
Grab a Beet Matcha Latte at Poenies (and their avocado toast!)
Have the best Cambodian / Vietnamese meal in your life at Le Cambodge
Get brunch at the newest IT spot HolyBelly
Have a classic French meal at Le Relais De l’Entrecôte
Finally, get authentic macaroons at Ladurée

Spend Sunday at Le Marais since most things are closed and streets are quite empty on Sundays.
There are con artists everywhere so just politely ignore them and you'll be fine.
Tip is generally included and aren't expected at restaurants.
Uber is available in Paris and a reasonable way to get around.
For a more local experience, use the subway! Google map your destination and it will tell you exactly how to get from point A to point B.
There is no tax on food!
But there is tax on clothes and accessories. If you're splurging, save your receipt and claim back the tax at the airport.
Bring comfy shoes if you plan to really explore! Sometimes, getting lost is the best idea to get to know a city.
People are very very polite in Paris, contrary to the myth that the French are assholes. Just don't be ignorant!
Also, order a outlet adapter before you go! I use this one.

Visuals by Pedro Morales & My Personal Images