by Lynn Kim Do

can't simplify shit

I have worked tirelessly to simplify my life. While my life has worked effortlessly to complicate my life. When all I want is a defining line between black and white or even work and play, I chose blogging as a career which really means life, play, and work becomes one big ol’ fucked up smudgy situation. Or friends. Friends seem like, logically, it can be simple. And to no one’s surprise, it’s not. Friends come and go. Friends do things you never thought they would. Good or bad. Or terrible. And style, oh style. It would be so easy to define everyone’s style. To put everyone in their own style genre, like a movie. "Oh, Lynn is rated N17 because she wears sports bras as tops" And to some, they can. But I can’t. Can you? I am no where near a one style description, not even close. Sometimes I feel my best in a simple slip dress and a pair of sandals (minimalist) and sometimes I feel like myself in sweats and a pair of Pumas (streetwear). And politics. Let’s not even go there. Relationships? Well sometimes I’m Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. Most times, I’m Zooey Deschanel at life. And then there’s the Sandra Bullock in The Proposal (awkward af but a boss ass bitch from Canada). The best people come from Canada.

But it’s necessary, right? To set some loose categories. And compartmentalize your (my) life. Simplify and reduce things in your life that does not matter to create bigger storage capabilities for things and those that do matter. God, is life like an episode of HGTV?

Visuals by Travis