by Lynn Kim Do

forgive, but never forget

How many people in my life are just waiting for me to fail?
How many people never send a text just to see how I’m doing?
How many people think it’s okay to use me intentionally, even unintentionally over and over again?
How many people celebrate me when I succeed but are nowhere to be found when I am struggling?
How many people in my life smile in my face, like my photos, and send me heart shaped DMs but talk hella shit IRL?
How many exist in yours?

The answer is “too many.” One is too many.

But that’s okay.
I’ll send love in every direction, even if it takes a sharp right and hits my hater right in the forehead.  I’ll admit it, they don’t deserve it. But I won’t lower myself to their negative 6 feet standards. Keep digging their own grave because no energy exerted ever goes wasted (positive or negative). I’ll stay above ground, thank you very much. I’ll keep on moving forward. I won’t even put enough effort to remove them from my presence. They’ll see their way out, like they always do.  I won’t internalize it. I can’t. I’ll project it back to you, right where it deserves to be. And I’ll remember every little thing. And I’ll forgive them. Let it go. But I’ll never forget. I’ll never forget each doubt. Each attempt to hit my ego. To use me. To break me. To foul my name. Wolves are pretty, but they’re still wolves.

- never forget

Visuals by Erika 
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