by Lynn Kim Do

get the perfect brows

Here are 7 Brow tips that I live by to get that compliment like "Damn girl, your brows are on fleek!" even if I hate the word 'fleek'.
1. Find your brow savior.
Listen, anything good begins with a stellar foundation. Brows are no exceptions. So, it really begins with the person you trust more than your barista and even more than your work husband—your browsologist. My fairy brow artist is Hibba. I’ve had these brows for 25 years and I don’t think I knew their potential until I went to Hibba Beauty. I am so serious. She has three locations and she trains her staff with the rigorous artistry and talent that she possesses. I absolutely love her.
Now onto the makeup:
2. Clearly line the bottom
Follow the arch on the bottom and create a smooth line. This is the darkest line. People choose usually choose pencil for Step 2 and 3. I like using a brow jar and a brush. If you want that nice fade on the outside (closest to your nose), start a centimeter inside the brow. You can add a little faint color here later to create that fade effect.
3. Line the top of the brow
Gently line the top. Not too heavy. And connect the line of the brows to create a nice sharp point at the end of your brows (towards your ears).
4. Fill it in.
I start from the bottom of the brows and work my way up and end of brows (towards my ears) to the other end (towards my nose). I like the gradients of a brow look.
5. Brush it out.
Get your brush on, girl. Really comb it for a more natural look. Or just a little bit of brushing for a moe dramatic look.
6. Conceal to pop.
Use a concealer to outline the top of the brows to clean it all up. You may also do the same to the bottom or use a highlighter to really make it pop.
7. Waterproof it, JUST IN CASE!
You never know when you find yourself in a sweaty situation when you can feel your brows melting off. Or when you feel the need to dive into someone’s pool with a full face of makeup on. Don’t take the chance. Just use a waterproof brow gel to lock that baby in. 
Visuals by Thaya