by Lynn Kim Do

did I do that?

There's not a day that goes by that I don't ask myself am I being the best person I can be right now? Did I hurt someone's feelings today? Did I make the ethical right decision? Or, was that a genuine response? And yes, some (or all) of this seems like a stroll away from paranoia. My friend and I have even blamed it being a Libra thing. We constantly find ourselves discussing the endless cycle of self-retrospection, of unreturned efforts, or oppsies and fuckkkkk, did I do that? Gag. Is that an exclusively millennial thing? Oh, god, here goes the paranoia again.

But think about it, how much of an impact do we make in our everyday life? How much impact do I make in my everyday life? Especially when I am living in one of the largest cities in the world. So large, we’re forced to live on top of each other. Sometimes, I’d just much rather text you than click the green button on your phone call. It’s not personal but I’m really enjoying a solo walk home and I’m lowkey stalking an elderly couple walking down the street together (kills me every time). At events, I walk in and immediately see at least eight people that I’d love to have deep conversations with but that’s impossible, especially when there’s an open bar involved. So then I’m rude to like 6 people out of the 8. While I’m eating, I may or may not be singing a song and dancing to my own tummy tune while you’re talking.  I also have an uncanny act for saying goodbye but taking so long to leave the actual space that we end up walking out together. Or worse, standing in the elevator for 25 floors together. And then saying bye again. Awk. And I make a lot of people uncomfortable. It’s a gift, truly. Also, did I text my mom back today? (She’s going to text me shortly after I post this.) If that isn’t enough, we have the Internet. Where impact extends beyond our spatial limitations. A comment or even a heart can go a long way. It is one emoji or LOL away from bullying or a smile. So is it crazy for me to be concerned with giving the right and most positive impact at all times?

It must be really liberating for people that don't think like that. To not care. To do things without an ounce of empathy for others. It's just you. I envy those people but I also enjoy being person that I am. It comes at a cost but most great things do.

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