by Lynn Kim Do

Livin' Purpose | ft. Lively

Today, I asked myself: “What makes me feel alive?” And the answer seems quite simply is purpose.

But that’s really where the simplicity starts and ends. Purpose is tricky because it’s all so subjective. So vague. Purpose can evolve. Purpose can also be achieved, but then what? Purpose can come from faith, from science, from ethics, from family, or from complete randomness (maybe a billboard sign, a book, an eavesdropped conversation heard on the train). As humans, we’re such impressionable being. Always absorbing, and sometime’s it’s not the right things but hey, who am I to judge.

So now what? Looks like that’s my second favorite question day. Well, I wish I knew. I wish I could tell you get it gets easier. I try to tell myself that. Life is chaotic, right? It seems like it's purposely built that way within confines of loose structure. And we get hit with a million distractions. A million questions. A million choices. Sometimes these choices are about career, about friends, about our real potential life partner. How many times have you (or I) thought, “If I ended up dating ________, where would my life be?” But purpose…ah, if we are at least sure that 65% of our purpose is this one thing then it gets a tad bit easier, doesn’t it? We do things in the name of that purpose. Sometimes, even blindly, some sell their souls for their purpose.

Recently, I received a very enticing offer. Whats interesting about this offer is that it is the absolute opposite of everything I’ve worked up to this point for. It’s also at the opposite end of the country. Imagine, an entrepreneur who lives her life in a freelance fairytale, who lives and breathes NYC, with family and friends she loves, with the love of her life months from beginning a life together in one apartment. And then an offer from out of nowhere finds her inbox. Okay, I’m done talking in third person. At this point, I barely ask myself anything because a million questions would naturally be the only thing that will enter my mind instead of a helpful answer. So I tell myself to keep an open mind. I tell myself to give this phone call, a simple phone interview, a chance. And I did. And it went well, too well. And next steps are promised but what do I really want? Well, I don’t have an answer for that. I told the interviewee (who I really could be friends with in real life, this sweet soul) that the universe knows way more than I do. That I don’t have a life plan. That in 4 months, things can change drastically. I leave the phone call more confused than ever. Is this the natural step and offer that came from all of the choices I’ve made and work I’ve done? Or is this a test? An obstacle, a snake with an apple, to the life I may potentially be building? Ugh.

I wish I could end this blog post with a decision. But I don't have that. I'm not even sure when that decision will arise. I'll let you know though. Promise!

Partnered with Lively for the visual content of this post. 

Visuals by Pedro Morales 
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