by Lynn Kim Do

Second Chance at Leggings

Wearing leggings to the club? Guilty. GUILTY. Guilty.
To be fair, you can barely compare these half fish net leggings to LEGGINGS. In fact, I use to HATE leggings. I'm sure there's a couple interviews out there where I said leggings should die. DIE A DEEP AND PAINFUL DEATH. But here I am, eating my own words. I find myself in a love, hate, love again, fucking hate, and then alright, alright…love. Kinda sounds like real relationship, right. Oh god.

Leggings have came a long way. Like a really, really long way. Oh my god, do you remember SUSPENDER leggings? I had a pair. I loved them. I wore them to death. And those crazy printed one? How about the aztec printed ones?! Gross. The truth is, the leggings trend is coming back. I’ve noticed a sense of sophistication to this phase in the leggings trend. And no, the most successful legging outfit is not just thrown together like a local deli bagel. And it definitely doesn’t taste as good which at that point you have to ask yourself “WHY?” Leggings need thought. It needs to be considered differently, altered a bit, and pushed even further. So if you find yourself in front of a pair of half mesh, half leggings mutant fusion, think of me. And then buy them. Expect people to ask you, enviously, "Did you go to the gym or something?" Just smile and say, "This is call style, bitch." Other  Lynn-approved leggings include satin emerald green leggings with an opening in the front and the leggings that you can hook to your heel. I approve.

Visuals by Erika Dickstein
Wearing -
Sports Bra - Nike
White Top - Need Supply 
Leggings - Urban Outfitters
Heels - Public Desire