by Lynn Kim Do

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad Travel Guide | What To Do & Eat

Oh, Trinidad and Tobago (pronounced toe-bae-go). While Trinidad is pronounced exactly like you would think, kinda like if you came home with a Trini sugar daddy. In complete and raw honesty, I booked the flight to this island because it was the most reasonably priced flight for an August trip ($340). August is one of the worst months to buy flights for next to December. Plus, why the hell not? A beach? Delicious food? Yes, yes, yes! 

What I didn’t realize was how little people knew about Trinidad and Tobago. I also had ZERO friends who have ever vacationed there (until I started posting about it and was surprised how many are from Trinidad). Google was my friend prior to the trip. Fun fact: Nicki Minaj is from Trinidad. But even then, there were very few travel guides available. It was like Trinidad and Tobago was an undiscovered gem, at least that’s what I was hoping for. I spent three full days in Trinidad, which means I didn’t get a chance to visit Tobago (dying inside as I’m typing this). But, I’m also very happy to get to know this island in our very short visit. The people are some of the nicest I’ve ever met. As skeptical New Yorkers, we couldn’t understand how nice the locals are here. “What do you mean I can just leave my bag anywhere?” And there were ONLY locals because tourism isn’t huge here. And honestly, that was one of my favorite things about the island—the authenticity. The island is impressively developed. I saw a sign for a Trader Joes. YES, A FUCKING TRADER JOES. The food in Trinidad is divine and have a profound fusion of Indian and Caribbean.The nightlife is LIT. The locals put my dancing skills to shame out here. TO SHAME. 

Without further yapping, here is the Trinidad Travel Guide—

Need To Know:
- Rent a car. It was tour best investment the entire trip. The island is large and I stress that you don’t be limited to one area. (~$133 USD for 3 nights)
- People drive on the left and the steering wheel is positioned on the right side of vehicle. This freaked me out. I was not mentally prepare to drive on the left. And somehow, I forgot red lights existed aka I ran through a few.
- $1 USD is equivalent to $6.745 TT. You’re going to enjoy saying TT out here.
- It was suppose to “rain” every day that we’re there. It rained for 30 min once, so don’t worry. It’s true island weather here.
- If you want to go to Tobago from Trinidad, plan this in advance and buy tickets in advance. You can travel via ferry or charter flights. 
- Most importantly, you can drink in public. You can buy a beer from a bar and walk outside that bar with it in your hand.
- Sundays are V V dead.

What To Do:
- Maracas Beach. Filled with locals and plenty of pretty views. Food is a few feet away. The water is steady and you can see your toes through the impeccable water. (Free)
- Take a Caroni Bird Sanctuary Tour. These bright red birds are so unreal that you’ll swear they’re a Pokemon or something. On this tour, a boat leisurely takes you down the swamp where you’ll also get sights of alligators, snakes, and crabs. ($10 USD per person)
- Wander around the narrow, steep streets of Scarborough
- Visit the main city “Port Of Spain”
- Watch a Calypso show
- Head south to La Brea Pitch Lake to visit the only Asphalt Lake in the world. You can even swim in it. (Tour is $20 USD per person)
- Bar crawl on at night on Ariapita Avenue and dance all the food you consumed away

What To Put In Your Mouth:
- Have doubles for breakfast sold at roadside service
- You also should try the Roti! Also found in small hole in the walls and roadside
- Have traditional Caribbean food like Beef Stew, Macaroni Pie, and so much more
- Eat to Shark n’ Bake at Maracas Beach
- Have a too-much-to-eat Indian dinner. You'll thank me.
- Drink their local beer — Stag or Caribe #wedrinking