by Lynn Kim Do

Wine a little. (Or a lot) | Ft. Vinebox

Most the joy of drinking breathes in the actual atmosphere of it. Wine, for example, is very subjective. A bottle of wine may be absolutely delicious in one setting and then the same bottle could taste stale and gross in another. Kinda like I how I feel about my ex-boyfriend. It depends on who is around you, if you’re on a date or a house party, if you’re slapping it while you’re friend holds a box up robbing whatever dignity is left in a sweaty Frat basement, or simply, what you’re eating. I like mine with cheese or potato chips. I like mine with 3 people max at a square table. Or solo by the pool or in a bathtub (pretty much any body of water). And c'mon, we've all danced-cook-drank our way through the kitchen all at the same time. I wish I was kidding.

When I heard about Vinebox, I was first drawn to the idea of not committing to one taste. If you’re starting to catch my commitment-phobia, you are absolutely correct there. With Vinebox, I have zero pressure to finish an entire bottle of wine if I decide to hit the Daddy Yankee playlist on Spotify and cook sesh. Not like I’m complaining, but most of the time, I don’t finish it. And then I leave it, which means I leave it until it goes bad. And wasted wine is a sin I would rather not commit. There’s a special place in hell for people like that. The second great thing about Vinebox is that I can specifically imagine all the possibilities I now have with it’s unique packaging. It's blown glass cylinder container is absolutely adorable. It makes a great gift option: I’m talking it’s great to impress potential mother/fatehr-in-laws or your girlfriend (romantically or platonic). AND it’s accurately one entire glass of wine. I know that's true because I tested it. Three times. Brilliant. It’s also thin and small enough to fit anywhere. Ahem, like a movie theater, a park, or a beach!

Okay, so now taste. I’m a red and rose wine drinker. I don’t generally sip white but I don't claim to be an exclusive drinker. I like being well versed in everything. There is no prejudice bone in my body for wine. Vinebox allows me to taste all kinds of wines from different regions without, literally, getting out of the water. It also told me to pair my glass of red wine with General Tso's Chicken. Wait, what!? Yes. It's like Vinebox climbed into my head, slept there for 5 weeks, and left me these samples of wine after the opened every door in my brain. Which by the way, were all amazing. Even the white. I'm already considering buying a few bottles myself. So do yourself a favor, and try it. I hear Vinebox has Rose Samplers right now!

Visuals by Pedro Morales 
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Sol Azul Swimwear (Top) (Bottom)- Novel Swim
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