by Lynn Kim Do

Hotel Saratoga

How can I possibly go wrong when two of my favorite human beings –Beyoncé and Rihanna –also chose Hotel Saratoga when they came to Cuba? I mean, the choice seemed obvious, didn’t it. Too obvious.

I'm a sucker for details, for thoughtfully crafted experiences. Saratoga seemed to just get me. Like in my past life, I created Saratoga (and of course, I was Cuban). With their Cuban Art Deco vibes, unlimited wifi (which is absolutely rare in Cuba), a rooftop pool, important necessities at our fingertips: currency exchange, easy access to taxis and car rental, being located in the heart of Old Havana, having some of the friendliest staff, serving some of the best cafe con leche and Cuban sandwiches, and oh my god, the gorgeous bathroom. Each room seems well thought out for our comfort. They're equipped with a mini bar, toiletries like a pair of toothbrushes and toothpastes, a pair of soap, yes, even a pair of shampoo, bath bombs, everything in twos except the bottle of women perfume placed in the center of the toiletry stand. How cute, they care about my stench. I smelled like Cuban flowers and church. And I strangely liked it. Blend in with your surrounding, am I right? The only complaint I would have is how absolutely quiet this hotel is, which really isn’t a complaint at all. If you’re looking for something lit several floors below your room, this is not the place. There were any evenings where I went down to the lobby and listened to a live pianist while everyone sipped on daiquiris and mojitos. I enjoyed that.

So would I recommend this hotel? Yes, in a heartbeat! We really felt like the best versions of ourselves in Saratoga. It made the transition from what we knew back home to the full Cuban experience very smooth. It’s also a very entrepreneur-friendly place (because a girl gottaaa work).

Hotel Saratoga
Paseo de Martí, La Habana, Cuba

Images by Pedro Angel Morales & Lynn Kim Do