by Lynn Kim Do

NYFW SS18 Photo Diary (1 of 2)

I’ve been doing New York Fashion Week for over 4 years now. And somehow, I am still experiencing firsts, like going backstage for the very first time and it being a phenomenal designer like Bibhu Mohapatra with Preciosa. Not only that, I still manage to always do each NYFW a little different. This year, I was able to do it with much autonomy and lots of breathing exercises slash “me-time” in between shows.  And I was able to do it with some of the most amazing people—some new faces, old faces, and well, my man’s face. All of which lies transparently on my Instagram story and lucky for me, they expire…forever. This is one time out of the year where I can see all my fashion friends all at once. And we’re taking full advantage.

One night over endless cocktails and house tunes, my friends and I have a reached a unanimous consensus that this is the CRAZIEST NYFW yet. So just an indication of how absolutely insane this Fashion Week, my right ankle is swollen and I can’t feel my legs (heels and too much sprinting between shows). I always said I needed to do more cardio. What a perfect opp. Along with the rare cardio I’m getting, I’ve been receiving an eyeful of style inspiration. These collections I see mix femme and raw, street elements seamlessly. I’m excited to see what else I’ll be seeing on the runway and on the street.  Because let’s face it, street style is always more appealing to me than dressed up theatrics.

Stay tuned for Part 2.