by Lynn Kim Do

NYFW SS18 Photo Diary (2 of 2)

Growing up does a few things to you. Personally, those few things include a palate for olives especially in a stiff martini, 3-inch block heels, binging food documentaries, and gaining a ton of valuable lessons only a few a few bumps and turns can provide. In the last NYFW Photo Diary (1 of 2), I said that I was doing it differently this year. I want to reveal a bit more insight than just that vague sentence I underwhelmingly crafted together. Whoops, I think I just made up the word “underwhelmingly."

Women grow up thinking they need to be with someone. With friends. With a man. With family. We’re very rarely taught to be autonomous. We’re told to have friends, to be in a group, to deal with petty bullshit to obtain the feeling of inclusion. Quantity feels more significant than quality. This piece of wisdom probably came to most people right after college. And let me tell you, wisdom is a process for sure. So I took this NYFW more solo, but don’t be mistaken, it wasn’t entirely solo. Those I did hung out with were pure gold. Unicorns of their kind. Quality friendships like no other. And it felt easy. And light. And it was in the moment. No expectations, no pressure. And I believe that no pressure starts at the core. It starts with me. So again, I find myself circling back to “me.” I adopted a self-care attitude and threw away this notion of FOMO that at times, were very detrimental to my better decision-making skills. How did I practice self-care during NYFW? It’s quite simple actually. Whenever I was commuting from one show to another whether it was in an Uber, on a train, or walking ferociously, it was MY moment. I took deep breaths and pretty vocal sighs. I would retire my phone for a few minutes. And go to this metaphorical empty box in my mind and turn off. Then I tell myself I’m a badass bitch and I’m going to own this shit so go, go, go, go! I drank less, only sipping cocktails or champagne in the evening and limited myself to 2 (maybe 3) max. I said no often. And I chose food. Yes, I chose food over fashion.

And it seems silly, but it truly helps. And I guess this truly means that my priorities are changing. Or that I’m getting older. Either way, I’m absolutely okay with that. And with myself.

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