by Lynn Kim Do

Review | Waso by Shiseido

Don’t put anything on your body that you wouldn’t put in your body. I never fully understood that until I creeped towards a quarter century of my existence. Yes, turning 25 years old means that ignorance and recklessness will ABSOLUTELY show on your face. Personally, that appeared in dry patches, oily t-zone, occasional breakouts, and more frequent whiteheads. You can imagine my horror. I couldn’t pull off the “drink so much that I wake up with the same full face of makeup and whatever is left over on my pillow” anymore. There were consequences. And I couldn’t deal. I had to make a change. I began experimenting, even living in this idea that maybe there were shortcuts, 2 in 1, or even cheaper alternatives where price overweighted quality. But the fact is that there are no shortcuts. And some things are worth the price, especially skin care. But not everything needs to cost an arm and a leg to achieve that glow. This is when I was introduced to Waso by Shiseido.

It’s ironic because my mom lives and swears by Shiseido. And stubborn me (still living in that 18 years old world) always felt like my mom’s opinion was irrelevant because we had different needs. Aka I’m clearly just rejecting the idea of growing “old”. But here’s a better well know phrase many of us also know too well — “momma knows best.” So Shiseido rolls around and creates a collection called Waso just for those with the very same mentality as me and my peers. I care about things like waste. I care about what’s inside the bottle. I care about simplicity. I care about results. And I also care about what the packaging looks like. Essentially, I care about everything. So Waso comes in and fulfills all of those things. Too good to be true, right? Well, it is good. And it’s quite true. It’s minimal. It’s self explanatory. It’s quality. And it works.

My review:
Waso astonished me in it’s results and ease. It was very natural to incorporate into my daily routine. My dry patches have cleared up and my acne has reduced tremendously. Consistency is definitely key. I also have sensitive skin and it never irritated me. I use it day and night, sometimes more if I go to the gym. (I always take my makeup before the gym and put on a light moisturizer.)

How to use:
Cleanse your face with Quick Gentle Cleanser made with oil-free honey. Then apply the Fresh Jelly Lotion which acts like a hydrating toner. Let it sit for a few seconds and apply a serum, I use the Glow Revival Serum, which will really change your life. Lock in all that goodness with Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream. Fun fact: you can use the Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream over your makeup throughout the day, too.

Skincare c/o Waso by Shiseido
Images by Pedro Angel Morales