by Lynn Kim Do

Got Steak?

Miguel said it best, “I know she vegan, but she want the steak tonight.” LOL forgive me for that corny bit, I couldn’t help myself. 

Recently, I had the pleasure of picking apart the mind behind a new concept shop based in Uptown New York. Everyone has their vices, amirite? Mine are french fries and ice cream, but not exclusively together. For Diti — owner of MRFU, it’s a good piece of steak. Steak and fashion? Weird mix? Well not to people who can't fathom to move their imagination beyond a fixed box. MRFU brings the customer service and experience of a steakhouse to apparel and consumer shopping. I know I’m picky with my meat, just as picky as I am with what I buy. So this is a very interesting take on retail. What I do appreciate about this brand is how genuine Diti is to his roots. He’s raised Uptown and he’s going to serve Uptown and represent Uptown. Unlike the very common story: a rich old White dude in a suit who thinks “Uptown” is trendy and so he buys a building, sets up shop, uses the people around the neighborhood, and sell an idea he has no concept or reality of to people. MRFU is actually real. No if, ands, or buts. 

So what’s my conclusion? Give them a shot. Keep them on the radar for their opening in 2018. I have a feeling, it’s going to be rad. 

Tops c/o MRFW
Images by Johnny Utah