by Lynn Kim Do

My Birthday Staycation | Arlo Nomad

26 years old and I have zero, absolutely nothing to complain about, no problems, zero regrets and ill-thoughts. I don’t know if I’ve ever been this happy, in fact. And maybe that’s it—the real gift of age is genuine contentment that often foams over the edge in euphoria (this is if my life is like a cappuccino, I guess).

At my 25 years celebration, I played it safe. I spent my midnight countdown watching Adams Family and piling pizza into my mouth in the safe company of my boyfriend and roommate. On the weekend, I celebrated over a few drinks with some amiga/os and then stumbled over to a small intimate karaoke session. Which was amazing, and there is nothing wrong with how that was being celebrated, but if you know me or have even met me in passing, I am not a chill celebrator. “Lit Lynn” came to existence for a reason. But I chose to be anything but, being “Chill Lynn” instead. No one even threw up on my birthday! Unacceptable. Maybe it was my way of obtaining any sense of control because time is the one concept no one ever has control in. In 2016, I was a quarter century in and I had more doubts than ever. Now in 2017, 12 whole months later, I feel yet one giant leap closer to myself. My true self. I hope I haven’t lost you, yet, here. I guess what I'm saying is that I feel at home in my own skin and in my own brain. I’ve set up shop and came to fall in love with the wallpaper of my mind and the furniture of my soul. And at 26 years old, as of today, I will to celebrate it and myself like the true Lynn would celebrate herself. EXTRA AF.

So here I am, at Arlo Nomad with my fellow Libran and best friend. What better way to celebrate the anniversary of our first breaths than a mini Staycation in the best city in the world. We deserve to be pampered. To play hooky from work. And to actually enjoy the smaller moments a bit more freely and with little self-guilt. We cuddled in bed. We drank their wine. Ate their snacks. And their thick dish pizza. Their 24/7 “Bodega” near the front desk had some of the best premium snacks (and childhood goodies, like Goldfishes and Skittles). Oh and if you’re a better human than me, they have amazing fitness classes available each day throughout the day. None of which I participated in, all of which I DID think about participating in. Arlo even gave us a reason to visit their partner, Blind Barber in East Village (a speakeasy), and we had a first round of cocktails ON THEM. Yes, free-nighty-nine. Every morning and every single night, we woke up to the most impeccable view of New York City. And when we wanted an even better view (I mean…what?), we went to the tippy top of the hotel and we clinked our glasses to one of the best rooftop views in Manhattan.

I have a whole weekend filled with Tequila and misfit awaiting me. And a surprise trip in two weeks…
It’s safe to say, I don’t think I’m ever going to let “Lit Lynn” down.

Arlo Nomad
 11 E 31st St, New York, NY 10016

Amazing Location
Aesthetically Beautiful Space
Complimentary Bike Rental 
Great Food & Drinks
Impeccable Views

Small (But Quaint) Room

Images by Daniela Spector