by Lynn Kim Do

don't let me drink alone

Nothing pure about this besides what’s in my glass. I can’t tell if this clear liquid is making me warm or it’s your gaze outlining my silhouette burning a memory of it in your mind. “I feel warm,” I thought. But I didn’t tell him. My eyes get heavy. It’s heavy from all the thoughts being collected around the warmth of my stomach with a fire building below it. His gaze can set it off, strike a match, and poof. I’m afraid of what may happen next. Yet, he look so sure. He smiles causing his eyes to squint creating deep folds around it. I wish I could climb in the folds surrounding his deep brown eyes and live there forever. As long as he looks at me like that. He made promises with those eyes, a million promises without uttering a single word. One of which is “I will never let you drink alone.” 

When it comes to liquor, I choose clear. What kind of clear? Vodka. What kind of vodka? Purity. The newest kid on the block but it has already been awarded 2016 Best Vodka Of The Year. Elevation is its mantra. And it goes beyond expectation to live up to it. Purity Vodka is kinda like your new favorite store that moved into your hood. It’s so good. So underrated. A best kept secret that you really want to just keep…secret. But it’s unfair to keep something so good to yourself, isn’t it?

Somethings are too good to be kept secret or shared solo. I am almost absolutely stripped of all joy when I drink alone. The company around me is utterly important to my level of elevated happiness. (Here we go with that word, again!) There’s an intimacy to drinking and spilling your guts out. Or drinking in deep silence with a friend. It speaks volumes. Or drinking and feeling. Leaving that armored suit aside to just feel openly for awhile. Every fond memory of drinking in great company has resulted in laughs, eye opening conversations, secrets, great business deals, and maybe a black-out here or there. All great things. Besides great company, a perfectly balanced vodka soda or dirty martini definitely helps. Do yourself a favor and choose wisely. From company and friends. To your spirit brand of choice. You deserve that much. I know, I do.

Images by Pedro Morales

Drinking Purity Vodka