by Lynn Kim Do

more patience, plz

I use to assign patience loosely with laziness. I thought assertiveness, efficiency, and passion had no room for patience. I was smitten in that tight group of three like the Mean Girls of life’s cafeteria. Sit somewhere else, P-bitch. I saw the value of patience but I found more value for the lack of it. I mean, I had to justify and reason with myself so I was still the hero of my own story. Interesting enough, when my creatives friends and I compared life notes, we realized we all mutually felt the same way about it. They struggled like I did.

For instance – do you often jump from one passion project to another without finishing the previous one? Well, one reason why that happens is because we have very little patience to see a project through (among other reasons). We get so excited about this new idea we just came up with that we don’t want to wait, nor do we want to finish what we started last. Our running instinct is that we need to begin this new idea. WE NEED TO BEGIN RN. TIME IS THE ESSENCE. NOW OR NEVER. I think in all caps. A lot. But I think we can all agree, finishing something you start is vital. And knowing when to start something is also important. I would just like to suggest, okay, more like admit, that patience is not my strong suit and not a strong suit for many others as well. And if none of those things I mentioned above is convincing, let me tell you something, patience makes you less stressed out. It teaches you to take it slow, take things in like a grain of salt. It’s also an amazing trait to have in communication because it breeds room for listening. So instead of barking and just throwing ideas and opinions and thoughts out there with an increasing volume of your voice or perhaps your thing is ‘quantity" -- filling the room with endless words hoping something sticks or someone thinks you’re smart. Instead, patience will teach collaboration. I mean, fuck…patience is a beautiful thing.

I’m at the age in my life, the experiential moment of peak, where patience is finally valued and appreciated, like the moment I realized my mom ACTUALLY had a lot of fashion sense back then. I’m naturally an immediate responder, immediate do-er, immediate-creator. Now, I’ve been adding some space for patience. I allow time. To breathe. To think. To listen. To ask questions. To let go. And then, I do. What results have I seen? As if life is my father, it has given me several cookies for my good behavior. One instance is that a brand reached out to me to collaborate, I was tossing back and forth between rates and if we were a right fit, so I told the potential client that I would think about it. Now, old Lynn would think that “time” could mean that someone else is going to climb into my spot and there would be nothing left for me when I came back. The brand respected the patience. And then several hours later, came back with a rate that was WAYYYY more than what I was going to charge them. For my personal life, I’ve been also practicing patience. To be honest, I prefer the ‘ripping the band aid off quickly’ method. I’m generally not afraid of confrontation and I hate wasting time, energy, and my love to those I don’t think deserves it. But in this new wave of Lynn, I’ve been taking a step back and just slowly letting go of my attachments to those I feel are no longer worth my time instead of telling them to GTFO of my life. And you know what? The universe has provided me some interesting karma to view. Even apologies have arrived to me straight from my former friends’ mouths. So from work to friendships, it’s been an interesting revelation. But I still have a long way to go, and a lot of more interesting life-observations to make along the way.

- 11102017
Images by Kim Geronimo
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