by Lynn Kim Do

Sunday Riley (not just for Sunday) | Review

Sunday Riley is the holy grail of skincare. And yes, that is quite a strong statement that I’m 100% prepare to defend. I’ve tried many skincare brands and products before but nothing has the simplicity, the effectiveness, and the transformation that Sunday Riley provides for something as delicate as the skin on your face. Some have came close. But up to this very single moment, none have done the things, things to my face, that has given my such pleasure. Not even pizza. Not even noodles. The love is real. And Sunday Riley, well, they know what they’re doing.

So let me begin with my skin woes because I have many. I have sensitive skin with a little bit of everything-wrong-with-it. I have dry patches. I’m sensitive to blemishes. And I have an oily t-zone. Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more complicated…

I’ve been traveling often. My recent trip to Seoul had me in a seat up position in the air for over 20 hours. ONE WAY. Talk about a hydration sucking and soul sucking time. On top of that, my diet completely changed during that trip as my kale and almond milk lattes NYC diet was replaced (happily) with kimchi and BBQ pork. Believe it or not, water also plays a huge part in the maintenance of your skin. And I’m actually talking about the water you use to wash your face. Every city. Every country has their own filtering system. Some better than others. For instance, Dallas, Texas water sucks. New York City has the best in my opinion. It’s also about consistency in routine which was compromised because I was battling a 12 hour difference in time. Once I came back home after another 20 hour flight, as if my skin didn’t experience enough, it was hit with extreme Winter. My skin freaked out. It was more stressed out than I was internally, which is a rarity. And I don’t know if others feel the same way but when my skin is in bad shape, I feel pretty insecure. I watch people’s judgmental eyes fall above my eye level and I’m like, “STOP LOOKING AT MY PIMPLE ON MY FOREHEAD!” Or maybe, it’s paranoia. But I want to hide in my apartment and just pop back into the universe when my skin is tamed, I do. Luckily, I had Sunday Riley this time. And If you’re nervous about oils, you’re reading all the wrong articles. I’m here to help.

Products I used:
SUNDAY RILEY Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment
SUNDAY RILEY U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil
SUNDAY RILEY Luna Sleeping Night Oil

How I used it:
In the morning, I wash my face with a cleanser. Usually, I would then apply a toner, a serum, and then a moisturizer. Instead, I used Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment. THink of it like a serum. You will feel a stinging sensation after applying Good Genes, but trust the process. It is perfectly normal. Then, I apply 2-3 drops of U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil. I use this instead of my moisturizer but if I am feeling extra dry, I apply a day cream on top of it. The next day morning, replace U.F.O with a day cream or moisturizer. The reason is your skin will initially need time to transition to this very effective product (U.F.O). It’s strong and as much as you want to go 0-100 real quick, you have to give your skin time to get acclimated. By the next day or so, you’ll begin to see pimple form head and become less inflamed. You can gradually introduce this to your skin more frequently. Pay attention to how your skin behaves because it will certainly tell you.

At night, I remove my makeup with a makeup wipe followed by a cleanser. Then I apply the Luna Sleeping Night Oil which comes out blue and magically absorbs into your skin like a velvet dream. It has retinol which is effective in making you look like you traveled a few years back in time. That’s not what it actually says on the website, I improvised there. When you need extra skin help, which trust me, I very much did – wait 5 minutes so the Luna absorbs fully, and then apply Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment. The combination of these two products is absolutely unreal. This night routine is the "WOAHHHH" that really gave me my healthy, glowing skin back. Overnight, it reduces redness, blemishes, improves elasticity, pretty much EVERYTHING. You’ll see results instantly in the morning. I alternate evenings where I only use Good Genes in the morning and Luna at night and when I use Good Genes + Luna combo in the evening.

I suggest you cater this routine to your needs. It’s all about experimenting until you get the perfect routine. Some days I just use U.F.O in certain areas that have the blemished for a spot treatment. Some weeks, I don’t feel like I need U.F.O at all. I alternate Good Genes from Day to evening. Many of Sunday Riley products you can combine to create a quick mask, too (Good Genes + Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser).

Images by Pedro Morales