by Lynn Kim Do

people pleasin'

Making sure people like you shouldn’t be your priority. But making sure people you love know you love them, well that’s my priority.

But sometimes, it can be so damn hard. Especially when everyone around you IS ACTING ALL TYPES OF CRAZY. And life isn’t always mango sorbets and falling in love in the subway. It isn’t random Bachata sessions outside your apartment or finding a dollar bill in your pocket. Sometimes, just SOMETIMES, and even sometimes is too often, it’s stepping on fresh dog shit. It’s spilling coffee on your shirt the moment you step into the office. It's a passive aggressive text message from your friend. I hate when I receive that "k." text. It’s layers and layers of mundane seemingly little bullshit that just irks you. And I realize...feelings are so temporary. Friendships and trust shouldn’t be. They aren’t. Not the real ones. Not the ones you made wholehearted decision to call your best friend and vow to protect, to call family, to remember every single allergies of theirs like they’re your own. People will be people. In fact, people are human. But not every human is my soul-friend. So no, I refuse to please everyone. I'm selective in my friends just as I am selective in my wardrobe, food choices, and pretty much everything. You have to be. Time and energy and money are all precious things. And it took me a long time to decipher all these complex feelings. What’s worth never turning back for, never crossing a bridge again? What’s worth fixing? Worth letting go. And worth just laughing off.

Images by Corey Jermaine