by Lynn Kim Do

Breakfast at Fairfax


I’ve never been to a restaurant and said, “I want to live here” and actually meant it in all the literal sense. Every single corner in Fairfax is cozy, aesthetically pleasing, and well thought out. But not in a systematic way or a “this will get us a bunch of tags” kinda way. It’s for the love of the space. It’s absolutely refreshing. I love this place so much I drag myself here from Brooklyn once a week at 8:15am or 8:34am because I’m always late. You’ll most likely find me in the back couches with a laptop and a matcha latte. I take many morning meetings here, too, or just catch up sessions. The waiters are attentive and super friendly. I came here once for brunch and they went to every table and asked each person for a song to play in the restaurant from their high school days. Brilliant. Now their food, oh my. Where do I begin? I’ve tried their entire menu damn near. And everything is delicious. Fresh. Balanced. Creative. Their Ronnybrook Yogurt creation drizzled in honey and topped with figs and pistachios is divine. Their Gravlax is nothing I’ve ever tasted before. And their simple Petit Omelette is anything but simple. You simply can’t go wrong here. So close your eyes and just place your finger somewhere on the menu and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Order this:
Ronnybrook Yogurt
Petit Omelette
Frittata (Brunch menu only)

Great for:
Laptop Work Sesh
Catching Up With Friends
Impressing Your Parents

Price Per Plate:


Breakfast 8am - 11am on weekdays. 
Brunch 8am - 3pm on weekends.
234 W 4th St,
New York, NY 10014 

Images by Lynn Kim Do & Thao LeBlanc