by Lynn Kim Do

by pretty things

Surround yourself by the prettiest things. And when I say pretty, I’m not talking about pretty people or pretty artwork or “that shit is pretty expensive” shit. I mean the deep rich feeling of pretty that exists in layers beneath the surface, the face, the frame. The feelings of attachment that’s inexplicable or, perhaps, brings you to too many words gathering at the tip of your tongue.

As a creative, an actress, an artist, I am moved and impacted by my surrounding. I have to be. You have to be. And we have to understand that sensation. The energy. Especially if we want to create something that will impact the world ourselves. We have great responsibilities. To me, artists are humanity’s keeper. We’re the vessel that nurtures it. So don’t blame me for taking my responsibility and my vessel quite personally. And don’t blame me if I want to decorate that vessel a bit and make sure that the 5 ft radius around my vessel is all but inspiration and pleasing, aesthetically and internally. This notion bleeds over to people, too. People I keep around. The only people worth my time are people with bellies full from genuine love and kinetic creative energy. Our vessel—our home—is too important to hoard useless and ugly feelings, people, and things.

Images by Sofia Bibliowicz