by Lynn Kim Do

To dream. And to do.

In the last few weeks, my mind, my soul, my intuition, my discipline, and my inhibitions have been put to the test. I can go ahead and complain about it. Or I can see it differently, see it through objective eyes. And in fact, the world has shown great generosity to me in the past few weeks. It has given me this tremendous opportunity to put substance behind all the shit I’ve said about myself. I’m a dreamer. And oh, I’ve dreamed so hard lately as an actor, creator, blogger, model, and human. I’m a do-er, and how I’ve done so much in this short time. Just in the past few weeks, I modeled in NYFW for the first time ever. I performed live for the very time on stage in a theatrical performance. All while maintaining two production/social clients, additional model gigs, attending NYFW events, networking with new people, showing love to my close friends, and keeping my sanity attached. So yeah, there were some days where I wasn’t sure if I could hold it all together. Wasn’t sure which would falter first—my body or my mind. But, letting a huge breath out, I did. I did hold it all together. I not only held my own shit together but I freaking excelled. I overcame my own fears, my inner-demons, my ambivalence all while being a good friend, a good girlfriend, a good businesswoman, and good daughter.

And is there any piece of advice I can give or suggestion for anyone going through the same thing? I'm not sure. I don’t think there is an exact formula for this kind of thing. But a few things, in retrospect, made a huge contribution to my sanity. Like saying “No”. I said “no” often. Like, having supportive friends who understands how crazy my schedule was, who sends encouragement, and who makes the plans and takes the stress off my back. Like drinking less, way less. Like choosing sleep over feeling FOMO. And lastly, surrounding myself around good people (strangers and friends) with good energy. Trust me, people can suck out an immense amount of energy of you and when your energy is sacred, you can’t be letting just ANYONE have it.

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Images by Pedro Morales 
Custom Kiel Booties by Shoes of Prey, Britches Sunnies by Giant Vintage, Vintage Jeans by Bad Night Good Morning, Vintage DIY Cropped Vest by Levis, Denim Jacket c/o (My Boyfriend's Closet!)