by Lynn Kim Do

W is for Woman

There are two types of people in this world. People who live in insecurity with moments of confidence. And people who live in confidence with moments of insecurity. I like to live in the latter. However, women, girls, ladies are built on the first category. We are taught at a very young age to carry insecurities. To not be “enough”. To identify our flaws, harp on them, even to an obsessive point, to fix them, throw money at it, cut it out surgically, medicate it, put makeup on it, and wear it all over our physical body. Like life’s anxieties aren’t enough, we had to dress it in insecurity.

I can’t even begin to say how fucked up that mentality is. But how do we change it? Do we talk about it behind closed doors during sleepovers and brunch dates. “Ugh, I feel so fat right now?” Or cue that Mean Girls clip when they’re all in Regina’s room comparing their insecurities just so they can feel better about themselves.  Yeah, no thanks. I hate participating in that weird social situation that happens way too often. When I hear someone say, “My pores are SO big” or “I have bad breath” or “Yellow looks so bad on me,” I give them a compliment that isn’t physical. “You’re absolutely impeccable!” “How do you always have the best taste in music?” “You literally create such vibrant energy when you enter a room!” In order to create confidence, we have to start with ourselves by recognizing silly habits. We have to make small habitual changes to empower other women thus empowering ourselves.

Thank you W Times Square and Kim Geronimo for an incredible collaboration and the inspiration behind this thought. I drink to you! Cheers.

Images by Kim Geronimo
Looks c/o of W Style Lab and Sugarbird