by Lynn Kim Do

a perspective on fear

Looking at fear right in the face is helpful. Yeah. Sure. But if you really think about it, it’s truly one perspective. And let’s be honest, heading face to face with the monster can be quite horrifying and polarizing. Okay so, it’s much better than not looking at it all. But what if we took a look at it from the side, maybe even from the back. Give it a good 360. Then, I think it gives you an opportunity to ask – What about it ticks you? What about it makes you fearful? I mean, why can’t we humanize that shit. Watch it trip or fart or drink too much tequila and then throw up all over the bathroom.

I figured that the best way for me to take a good look around my fear is by simply talking about it. Of course, it starts with admittance. I started saying “I am fearful.” And I started acting and speaking on the curiosity of the topic with those around me. It led me to see a new language, a new concept around fear, a fresh perspective. First, I had to change the language from “I am fearful” to “I have fear.” Because you can only let go of fear if you have it as oppose to being it. Fear isn’t a definition of any one human being, it certainly isn’t mine. It is a temporary state of being, like hunger. It’s something that can leave you.  Another thing I realized is that fear isn’t good or bad. It just is. Defining fear as bad is only hindering in the process of creating and the journey of dreams. It is just a state of being that shows growth. Fear can be bad because it causes anxiety. Fear can be good because it shows us what we want the most. It is both, therefore it is neither. So why be afraid of “fear”? Why think of it any more or any less than what it is – a temporary feeling?


Image by Pedro Angel Morales