by Lynn Kim Do

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Dinner in Williamsburg | The Saint Austere

Walking up to The Saint Austere, an intimate Italian Bistro, you will find yourself asking, "Am I in Williamsburg or Bushwick?" Or neither? Sure, technically it's Williamsburg but the street seems to suggest a time before Williamsburg became vomittingly gentrified. I was warmly greeted by the Pirolo brothers – Fabrizio first and then later, John. My boyfriend and I welcomed the flowing chatter about the neighborhood with the equally flowing wine and prosecco and then we made our way into the much-anticipated topic: their menu. They suggested we try some crowd pleasers like the Creamy Polenta and the Broccoli Rabe. We enthusiastically complied. We also ordered several more dishes under Fabrizio’s thoughtful guidance, like the Grilled Octopus, some homemade pastas like the Cavatelli and the Beet Mezzelini, and then the Mediterranean Branzino. And for dessert, the tiramisu. Okay, so we ordered way too much for two people, but everything looked so good and the Pirolo brothers was giving us “close family friend” vibes and we trusted our entire existence we them. Fabrizio left our table to punch in the order and I looked at Pedro thinking, "What have we done?" I mean, I guess all we could do was to mentally prepare our brains for the meal that we were about to embark on.

And holy, holy, holy. I don’t think our mind could have ever prepared for all the tastiness we journeyed through. It was as if we were transported into Pirolo’s family dining table. I felt like I was personally being walked through their childhood. I am seriously NOT KIDDING or EXAGGERATING. I tasted the polenta that Fabrizio and John’s brother ate growing up as a child for breakfast. I chewed on the coffee shaved ice that their mother indulged in for dessert but in a sophisticated tiramisu form. The Tiramisu literally changed our lives. Forever. The entire meal was so mind-blowingly delectable that I can remember every single dish even weeks after this meal. And my boyfriend and I are STILL talking and dreaming about our experience at The Saint Austere. This is one restaurant that easily climbed to our top 5 restaurants in New York and thankfully it’s in Brooklyn near our very own neighborhood. Do yourself a favor and go. Go again and again and if you’re deciding the perfect evening to go, they have $10 pasta night on Thursdays. You’re very welcome.

The Saint Austere
613 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

What To Order:
Creamy Polenta,
Broccoli Rabe,
Mediterranean Branzino,
Beet Mezzelune (for those on the adventurous side)
Cavatelli (for meaty pasta lovers)
But honestly, you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu. 

Happy Hour Everyday 6-8PM on Food & Drinks
$10 Pastas on Thursdays

Perfect For:
Impressing the Parents
Date Night
Catch Up Dates with Friends

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