by Lynn Kim Do

Tulum Photo Diary

I needed a break. Desperately.

Tulum, you were exactly that. We barely used our phone, often throwing them in the center of dinner tables (hence why you never see our dinners on IG Story). We rode over 5 miles a day on bikes, ate well, stayed active, had meaningful conversations, went on adventures that spiked our adrenaline, and chugged tequila. Sure, Tulum is filled with Instagram-worthy spots, corners, walls, buildings, but I tore a page off my boyfriend’s book and decided to just chill the fuck down. I mean, we captured content here and there but it wasn’t a priority. Our priority was each other, taking in a moment for ourselves, and to honor the birth of a very special human — my boyfriend.

So here are the few images that were captured. I hope you enjoy them. But I hope you also take some time for yourself away from any device. Be present. Embrace the mystery of the world.

Some Solid Eats In Tulum:
1. Hartwood for Dinner. The waits can be insane, make reservations 1-2 weeks in advance. Get a fish dish and the ribs dish. Definitely the ceviche!
2. Mur Mur for Dinner. Same for waits. Everything is delicious.
3. Posada Margarita for Dinner. No reservations available. You need to get the burrata to start. All pastas are insane.
4. Taqueria Honorio for Lunch or Dinner. Local taco joint in town.
5. Trece Restaurant Bar for Lunch or Dinner and get the seafood tacos. They have amazing deals.
6. Canopia Tulum for Breakfast.
7. Zamas for Breakfast. Get the Huevos Rancheros.
8. Gitano for Drinks. The cocktails are divine.

Tips for Tulum:
1. Tulum operates in pesos and American dollars. Fees from ATMs are high off the beach near the hotels and resorts. Try to take out money in town because it’ll have more reasonable fees.
2. Ask taxi drivers how much it will cost before sitting inside. It will be roughly 100 pesos during the day to get from the beach area to the town.
3. Tulum uses American standard outlets.
4. Bring mosquito repellant. TRUST ME.
5. The beaches are currently not the best. It is littered with seaweed and it seems like the whole coast of Mexico is affected. Rely on cenotes for a good swim.
6. Bikes are easily available to rent and it was our favorite mode of transportation. Uber is NOT available but there are plenty of taxis.
7. Yes, Tulum is VERY safe.

Images by Pedro Morales & Lynn Kim Do