by Lynn Kim Do

Adapt. Evolve. Metamorphose.

Try again.

Or how about….


That’s how I feel about “it”. Me. Life. And I don't feel the need to explain it away. To justify. Or give you some lengthy description of what I’ve been through. Who I am now. And what I’m about to do. But I urge you to wait and see. As I will for you. Because just as I’m evolving into the person I always wanted to be moment to moment, I’m sure you are, too.


Meanwhile, are you over or still very much into the biker shorts trend? Personally, I'll take up any opportunity for comfort AND fashion. And I'm going to ride it (haha, pun...) it to the very ground until it's not cool anymore because it really is super comfortable. I think there are SO many ways to rock them in innovative and fun ways. For example, pair them with an oversized sweater like I did or you can throw them underneath a blazer for a more refined (but still street/edgy) look. It's so easy to make them "you". Here are some of my favorite Biker Shorts below for every budget in mind. Yes, even if you want some Fendi biker shortsHey, I don't judge! I only applaud.

Images by @indivisualistic