by Lynn Kim Do

Evolved Fire

We always like to cover up our scars, lick our wounds, hide from fire. I get it. The primal instincts kick in for survival. But in our evolution, haven’t we passed all that? Can’t we graze our scars with our fingertips and be reminded of our growth? Can’t we feel the throbbing of an open wound and also be reminded of every single breath we are taking? Can’t we see fire and be enthralled by the way it also provides life?

Let’s do that. Now that sounds like the kinda life I want to live.

Dress - Floriane Fosso. Isara Booties - Dolce Vita. Nora Hoop Earrings - Vita Fede. Bracelets - Lady Grey & Vintage Bull Cuff. 

Images by Thaya
Makeup by  Charina R.